Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Monitoring Camera: Dangerous Or Not?

Dropcam HD Wi-Fi Monitoring Camera

Nice question, right? Having this question wandering in my mind I have started searching the internet with the strong desire to find some really nice question and answer site where I will get the answer I was looking for. And after some searching time I have found the question and answer Wiki at Jammer Store website and asked my question there. Below is my question and the answer I have got.


I have heard that now Wi-Fi is not the totally secure wireless connection and it may be hacked. In addition I have heard that there’s a recent cam for sale and I am scared of being filmed by it. May I secure myself against it?


Dropcam HD Wi-Fi monitoring cam is the little web camera that is powered using USB connection. It captures HD quality streaming video and has night vision feature. Also it supports useful two-way voice communications and can record movies in DVR-style manner as an extra option. Oh, by the by, this webcam is always accessible and it may be accessed via iPhone, web browser page or Android-based private gadget.


If this Dropcam HD Wi-Fi monitoring cam will picture you, then you cannot avoid it from saving recorded information to the computer it’s connected to. In addition we can say to you that live streaming video of this web camera is going through the reliable cloud service and it’s hardly encrypted. Yet to interact with mobile gadgets like iPhone or any Android-based smartphones this monitoring cam utilizes Wi-Fi connection. The cost of Dropcam HD Wi-Fi monitoring cam is $149 and extra $9.95 per month for the video recording ability in DVR-style manner.


Therefore with the goal to not let this video with you captured in it expand across personal mobile gadgets by means of Wi-Fi connection you may jam Dropcam HD Wi-Fi monitoring cam and protect yourself from it as much as possible.

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